Why our pharma pet bottles are better as compared to competitors?

We are proud that each and every product produced at Winley Polymers has

  1. Chemicals Resistant like acids, alkalies, alcohol, oils/fats, common oragnic solvent
  2. Choice of crystal clear or coloured range
  3. Dimensional accuracy – Guaranteed consistent fill
  4. No tumbling on hi-speed filling-lines
  5. Noise-free operations during filling
  6. Absolutely hygienic, no extra washing required
  7. Being light-weight, save transport costs
  8. Easily fitted with either plastic or metal cap
  9. Non-toxic and Eco-friendly
  10. Adaptable to heat-shrink or pasted labels
  11. Have less volume and provide better shelf display
  12. Eliminate breakage loss during transhipment
  13. 100 % virgin material
  14. High quality std. master batches
  15. Zero tolerance for quality standard
  16. Hygienic packing-in shrink film and boxes
  17. Variety available in bottles and colors
  18. Dispatches as per demand -centrally located in Maharashtra -Jalgaon
  19. No/least human handling

All the above factors puts us ahead of our competitors. If you would like to place your orders on us, please contact us.

Special benefit we offer…

Cost saving in packing as per customer requirement. For more details on how your business can benefit, please contact us.

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